Dear Kathryn,

Saturday was the best day of our lives! Thank you for helping me hone my vision and make it a reality. . . People won't stop raving about the decor, details and their experience. It was really the best day ever. Your impeccable taste, fine-tuned work ethic, savviness and professional background are what make you the best in the industry. I was able to enjoy my night knowing that you were there making it run smoothly.

All my love and gratitude, 


It was a pleasure to meet Kathryn shortly before our 25th Anniversary Event at the recommendation of Ricardo Rodriguez. With that introduction, she already could do no wrong. In just a few moments, her creativity and lovely spirit took over our meeting. We spent quite a lot of time on that rainy Saturday afternoon talking about her design vision and the history and direction of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Her blog post is simply spectacular, not just because it’s all about MG+BW (but that doesn’t hurt), but because she listened to our story, took in our Silver Anniversary Collection and through her simply beautiful styling and lovely photography, Kathryn told her own Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams tale. In her blog post, Kathryn highlights some of our iconic furniture pieces; as well as, some of the newest things Mitchell and Bob designed for this very special 25th year. Clearly she gets it. Anyone lucky enough to have her inspired perspective impact their event or even their brand will feel as I do: listened to, satiated and all the better for it.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Boston & Natick, Director of Marketing & Administration

Before Kathryn, I had so many ideas for what I wanted to make my wedding special but I was unsure how to bring it all together. It had to be personal, it had to be perfect, I just didn't know where to begin. And then I met Kathryn… 

From our first meeting, she was able to synthesize my disparate ideas into a cohesive vision- and I was so relieved. Kathryn went above and beyond what I could have hoped for to understand what was important to me and my husband. This was evident in every last detail of her work. She brought creativity and style to help me make the moments that made my wedding night unforgettable. I'm so grateful to have worked with Kathryn to design my wedding and cannot recommend her highly enough. 


Kathryn did an incredible job with the flowers for my Big Sur wedding. The vibrant pops of color from my bouquet worked beautifully with our sunny, cliff-side setting. I am amazed at how Kathryn was able to translate the look and feel I was trying to achieve, into such spot-on and well thought out details!


Kathryn was a very important part of the planning and vision of my wedding. I knew what I liked but she helped me make it a reality. We hired her for floral design but she really went above and beyond making sure every detail was covered and vendors were aligned. Our wedding went so smoothly because of her planning and presence.

When I saw my bouquet for the first time, I wanted to cry—the flowers were the most important part of the wedding for me and they were more than I ever imagined they could be. They were perfect. My bouquet was so beautiful. It was more about the texture, playful combination of flowers that made it perfect for me and my romantic garden vision.


It’s because of your eye that our wedding came out exactly how we envisioned.

photographer & mom

. . . everything you did was perfect. 


Wow what an unbelievable job you did. I could not have done it without you – thank you Kathryn. We are now watching the video and I see your hand in the event in so many ways! One of my favorite things were the flowers you did – they were amazing. My bouquet, the bridesmaids, the men’s boutonnieres, mom’s corsage – and the utilization of the thistle which I loved. They were so unique and beautiful as were the table-scapes and all the guests loved the topiaries. Again thank you for your expert help and support for the wedding –  it all tied together so wonderfully!!



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My wife and I hired Kathryn to help us pull together our vision for our very intimate wedding celebration. Her ability to understand our personal style and what we were looking to convey was on point. We enjoyed working with her so much that I reached out to her again. Like many guys, there is a reasonably wide gulf between desire and skill when it comes to planning that moment or gift for my wife. Kathryn has been a godsend. Whereas I was once daunted by the prospect of orchestrating special moments worthy of my amazing wife, I now look forward to that next birthday / anniversary / occasion, confident that with Kathryn's help I will be able to convey my adoration effectively and score major husband points! Whether it's putting together a gift that is just right, or prepping an intimate dinner at home, Kathryn helps me nail it every time. She takes the time to understand what I am trying to express, for what occasion and who it's for then curates something unique and thoughtful. The best part is that my wife is fully supportive given how much she loves everything. If you are looking to host an event or do something special for your significant other, Kathryn will take care of you. I am hooked, and I look forward to working with Kathryn again.

groom & private client

I have worked with Kathryn on my daughter’s bridal shower. I had some very specific ideas on the look I was hoping to accomplish in an older Boston venue. Kathryn listened thoughtfully, recommended an approach that fit my budget and the results were everything I had imagined and more! She made it so easy! I can’t wait to do another event together!

corporate event planner

We also worked with Robin on her second daughters more intimate wedding!

Working with Kathryn was truly a pleasure. We won silent auction item consisting of a dinner at home provided by Kitchen Surfing and Bash. Kathryn came over to our house to review the site and ask what kind of layout/setup we wanted for the dinner. This is usually my wife's area of expertise, but she was out, leaving me, along with our four month old son, to take care of the planning. Kathryn was warm, professional, and incredibly easy to work with. She asked me questions about our style, interests, our love story, etc, and used this information to transform our dining room to a personalized, intimate, and romantic dinner for two.  She personally oversaw the setup, coordinating with Chef Steven Coe to create a truly one of a kind experience that we will never forget. It was truly a pleasure working with Kathryn, and we will definitely use her again when we host an event in our home in the future.

private client

Inspired by a friend's vodka tasting competition, I wanted to do a blind scotch tasting for a close group of friends. I had a venue, an amazing chef and an idea. Just a few weeks before my event, I was introduced to Kathryn and realized that while I had a good idea, she could really design an entire concept around what I was trying to accomplish. We all go to a lot of parties, but how often do you really remember the details - Kathryn helped bring an element to my party to actually give guests something to remember beyond just a "good night in good company." The vision came together flawlessly, the evening flowed really well and it was the small touches that made it stand out and what people are still talking about.

She started with creating a custom mood board  and came up with a full interactive, fun experience for my guests. She's a good listener, fast thinker and provides honest feedback on your ideas to make sure your event turns out the way you want it. She took a little and turned it into a lot and executed to perfection with impeccable attention to detail. She curated several amazing vendors who were both spectacular to work with and were dead on point with the event design, a florist, photographer, a furniture store that supplied these beautiful wooden tables and barrels, a vintage decor shop that had luggage and other small trinkets to help decorate the room and a calligrapher who designed the menu, instruction cards and a thank you. Rather than trying to source multiple things from one vendor to make her life easier, she curated different people to pull the vision together (her network is broad). She was also extremely resourceful and creative in finding cost effective solutions.

Had I thrown this party myself, it would have been food with 5 scotches on a standard banquet table. Instead, we had a beautifully decorated room (that mind you was empty to begin with), custom napkins, a hashtag, glass bottles with labels written in calligraphy for the scotch, lighting, huge floral arrangements and more. Everyone had a great time and it turned out better than I could have ever asked for, I was really impressed. Kathryn is extremely talented and thinks outside the box. She'll add an element to your event that will set it apart. She's also a ton of fun to work with and a great person, I can't say enough good things and highly recommend her. 

strategy, partnerships
& plenty of her share of non-profits

You did an absolutely beautiful job with everything you did for the wedding. My son was more than pleased.


We’ve just returned from our Honeymoon and I don’t want to let another moment pass without letting you know how grateful I am for everything you did to make our wedding look and feel both spectacular and comfortable in every way. As with most every bride I suppose, Karen was keenly anxious to be sure that every detail was “just right” on our special day. Like most every groom I suppose, I was eager to help make that happen, but at times “all thumbs” when it came to helping make the dreams come true.

You bridged the gap better than I could have ever hoped or imagined.

When you arrived on the scene to provide reassurance, support and creative input I saw my sweetheart immediately relax. All tension subsided and the joy of planning returned with the confidence that everything would work out just right. And it did! I can’t completely describe the priceless qualities you brought to the relationship you immediately established with Karen, but I know that I will be forever grateful for that and the memories you helped create.

Thank you!

news correspondent