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by Alex Blumberg, Gimlet Media

A friend, mentor and past boss enthusiastically recommend Jake and I listen to his new favorite podcast, Startup by Alex Blumberg (This American Life and now owner of the newly formed Gimlet Media). I've never been a podcast listener. . . I tried and failed but this one has me pressing play episode after episode. So I knew nothing about Alex Blumberg but have quickly become addicted to his brilliant story telling. I can't help to think, "he's a brilliant sales man for his own podcast!" But what's more fascinating is that as he chronicles his journey to starting a business in podcast journalism, he finds his ability to "story tell" doesn't come as naturally as you (or even he) might think. In StartUp, Alex learns in realtime how to pitch to investors, what they are looking for, what he's looking for, how to value his startup, what to name his startup, how to get the right pieces in place and . . . how to make generate revenue from a podcast. 

Startup, and Alex, have been surprisingly inspiring, insightful and most of all—relevant. He shares every aspect of it's earliest stages including how he finds his co-founder—one of my favorite episodes as my co-found search continues. And my favorite character Nazanin, Alex's wife who's enduring all the startup "pain" is refreshingly honest, real, and funny. In our situation there is a role reversal but I can very much relate to her too. I will write a little more about the podcast and the clips I find most helpful but for now, I'm currently listening to Episode #10 "Mixing Art and Business" and there's a soundbite from an interview Alex is doing that I wanted to share . . . right now! 

Fast forward to 16:00min. Alex interviews Satchel Raye who's "an artist who runs a pizza joint", Satchel's Pizza in Gainsville, Florida. Party squirrel!?

"The things is, people are endeared to artists. You're just an artist who's trying to become a business man or an entrepreneur, and there is nothing wrong with that. Thank god for good friends who know how to work Quickbooks . . . That's really the secret to my success—all the good people that I have around me that help me make things happen. I surround myself with people who are positive and who can solve problems. And when I do that, my whole enterprise flourishes."

Thank you to all of my good positive people around me. You help me make this all happen. Thank you. Thank you.

More to come. . . 




St. Patrick's Day: Irish Bread Recipe

Modernizing a Holiday Tradition with The Everyday Napkin

My mom’s side of my family is about as Irish as you can get. She grew up in Southie and Dorchester and was at one point Massachusetts’ Irish Step Dancing State Champion. We never ate corned beef and cabbage (ever, much less on St. Patrick’s Day) but we did have store-bought Irish bread (sorry for throwing you under the bus, Mum!). I’m an adventurous cook and baker and several years ago I decided to make Irish bread from scratch! I’m a daily reader of The Kitchn so I found this great recipe for Irish soda bread. It’s fun, easy to make, and is a delicious breakfast treat to celebrate the holiday. Below you can check out how mine came out this year and how much more fun it was to enjoy it with The Everyday Napkin!


Side notes on the recipe: I couldn’t seem to get my hands on a 2.5” cake pan so I used one that was about 2” deep. You’ll end up having more batter than you need so make sure you don’t over-fill the cake pan. I left about a half to quarter inch of room at the top. With regards to making a cross in the batter, I haven’t seemed to figure out the trick quite yet. I’ve even tried doing it after it’s been baking for a bit but it still hasn’t come out. If someone out there is able to make it happen, please share your secret! As a last note, everyone’s oven is different and I found that even after baking the bread 45 minutes at 375°, it still needed to bake for at least 7 more minutes. I’d love to hear other people’s versions of this recipe or stories of trying it!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!






I was so inspired by Paper & Stitch's Ombre & Clock Block decorated donuts that I thought I would give it a try yesterday for our Design Salon Boston Mash Up!

All in all, it was so fun and easy! I bought 3 dozen white powered Doughboy Donuts (don't judge this book by it's cover); they are the best, old-fashion style, real donuts in Boston and Wilton's Food Color Mist at Michael's in Pink & Purple. I followed Brittni's simple instructions and tips and they came out perfectly! I promise . . . Ok, I know! Let's call them tie die donuts . . . and not so much color block but see my notes below! Only I knew the difference and everyone loved them! By the end of the event, women were swiping them to-go so they could be enjoyed in the privacy of their own home, or car if they couldn't get it home quick enough!


A couple things I would note!

No. 1 Cover your area with larger sheets of kraft paper. The Wilton's Food Color Mist does become a little oily.

No. 2 Line up your donuts and do a bunch at a time or as many as your paper shield / blocker will cover.

No. 3 The spray doesn't apply evenly at first. It takes a few times to get a steady flow of the wrist and push of the nozzle. Keep your distance from the donut when spraying for a softer more event coat.

No. 4 If you are traveling with them after decorating, place a piece of parchment paper between each completed donut! Unfortunately we didn't have this and had to tightly pack all the donuts back in their original boxes. So when it came to showtime they didn't look like perfection.

I also used normal size donuts and Brittni's looks mini which might be smoother and easier to spray!

If you try this or have tips, please share!




The Everyday Napkin: Pop-up Tour


This time of the year, after being cooped up inside because of the frigid temperatures and endless blizzards, I find myself getting the itch to plan exciting spring and summer adventures.

Bash Studio has been no different and has busy planning for some big events! We’re very excited to share with you that we’ll be taking The Everyday Napkin on the road for a Pop-Up Tour that kicks off this week!

Join us for first tour stop—our Official Pop-Up Launch Party with our friends at West Elm Fenway this Saturday from 11am-4pm! Come check out our new Spring Collection which includes a silver metallic line exclusively made for this event! And of course, our Launch Collection and the very popular ‘choose your own’ Everyday Napkin Bar!

We believe in and support local, small businesses and hope to be able to introduce some of our fans to these great shops and also make some new friends! We will also be featuring Limited Edition napkins throughout our Pop-Up Tour

Check out our brand new website for the full scoop and updates on where you can find us this Spring!

- Maura




Hello March 4th!

We only have 4 months / 122 days until our wedding! I cannot believe how quickly time is going by. We were feeling pretty good through months 8, 7, and 6 but the wedding to-dos are catching up to us! It's been especially challenging with the launch of The Everyday Napkin (as if Bash wasn't enough!) but now it's time to kick the wedding into high gear.

In progress:
1. Florals are in what I like to call, creative development
2. Rentals & Decor
3. Menu

Highest priority: 
1. Invitations [start designing!]

A couple big items have been checked off the list. 1. Bridesmaids dresses are ordered! And 2. the guest list is finalized. This was by far, the hardest thing for Jake and I. Harder than picking a venue, picking my dress, or picking our photographer—selecting who you can't invite.

We chose to get married on the East coast so we could include as many people as possible and give everyone the opportunity to be a part of one of the most important days of your lives. Unfortunately our budget is not limitless and we have to be realistic about how many people we could have. I wish I could have 232—the exact number of people we started off with. 145 is the number we can have. You don't have to do the math to see that this was not easy.

How do you put a value on friendship and what's the difference between a best friend, a close friend, a good friend, an old friend, a new friend? It was not easy and we struggled because to us, no friend is worth cutting from our wedding. We have special relationships, memories and plans with all of them. We had some tough decision to make but I'm sure once I get through the next couple of months, I may have some advice . . . 

For now, a deep breath . . .




I've been thinking about all the details and special nuances that will appear at our wedding . . . The pressure is on but I'm up for the challenge of making my wedding as beautiful as any client's but also having fun doing it! The current list of ideas is endless so I'm starting with major rental items and the piece I am most excited about is our family-style dinner reception. And although I recognize Jake and I will probably sit the least amount of time, I am excited about our seats as the new Mr. and Mrs. Cacciapaglia! 

Inspired by the LOVE seat, I found this amazing over-sized, gold-gilded chair for two featured on the left (styled by Joy Proctor) and these two single chairs connected by think, lush garland shot by Jose Villa. What do you think, love seat or our own seat? This or That?









Good Morning, everyone! I’m Maura!

You may know me from my Instagram handle, hauteinsouthie! Back in the fall, before we had eight feet of snow, I introduced myself to Kathryn at Neatly Nested’s 1st birthday party. It was the week before I was leaving my full-time job to pursue more creative work. Being surrounded by so many talented, creative ladies in one room that evening and lacking a new full-time job to transition to, I came up with the crazy idea to offer my time and gain some new learning experiences in the process. I had followed Kathryn on Instagram for a while and I not only loved her design style, but I was both comforted and inspired to see another smart, independent woman take a big risk and break free from her job to pursue her creative passions. I’m pretty tenacious so I decided to ignore the risk that Kathryn may be concerned that I was stalking her and went to her West Elm Friendsgiving event on a rainy Saturday morning to re-introduce myself. Then just after New Year’s, we caught up in her new studio and the rest is history!

Starting today, I’ll be giving you an inside look into the adventures as I assist with events and social engagement for the launch of Bash Studio’s new product, The Everyday Napkin! If this is [gasp] your first time hearing about The Everyday Napkin, let me tell you ten things that I personally love about Bash Studio's first product!

10 Things to Love About The Everyday Napkin

No. 1 They’re fun!

I’ve always used paper towels as my go-to napkin, which tend to be non-descript and pretty boring. When I use my brightly colored Everyday Napkins at home (even though I might be wearing sweatpants and sitting on the couch eating dinner in front of the TV) they make meals fun and I feel a little bit more put-together.

No. 2 Reusable and less wasteful

Unlike paper napkins, you can use The Everyday Napkin more than once. I usually don’t get my napkin very dirty (if at all) in one sitting, so it’s great to be able to reuse it all day; then toss it in the laundry when I’m done!

No. 3 Great for on-the-go

“Have napkin, will travel!” Kathryn often laughs because I carry my Everyday Napkins with me wherever I go and have been known to randomly whip a napkin out of my bag to put under my water bottle during a meeting or to use out at lunch.

No. 4 Easy to use and casual

Traditional cloth napkins tend to be larger and typically only used for formal occasions; afterwards many people send them to the dry cleaner and/or iron them. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the financial resources to dry clean my napkins. I also loathe ironing with the fiery burning passion of a thousand suns. [P.S. Steamers saved my life. Thank you fashion industry experience!] The Everyday Napkin is slightly larger than a cocktail napkin and all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine when it’s time to be cleaned. Easy peasy.

No. 5 The perfect gift, Really.

Gift giving can be challenging. Sometimes you need a hostess gift. Sometimes you need a ‘Meet the Parents’ gift. I’ve often been limited by my gift recipients’ personal styles, hobbies, and allergies. Guess what? No one is allergic to napkins and everyone uses them. You’re welcome!

No. 6 #theeverydaynapkin

If you’ve seen my instagram, you know that I enjoy sharing everything from my sleeping puppy to what I ate for breakfast, all while attempting to create a styled image. We all love to capture the things we are most excited about but sometimes wish we had that thing to bring the photo all together. Well there is no doubt that The Everyday Napkin helps us create these "instagramable moments." From coffee to cookies, beers and bar carts, check out all the ways our fans have styled their Everyday Napkins and shared them using #theverydaynapkin.

No. 7 One-of-a-kind

The Everyday Napkin is made from found designer fabrics that then create limited collections that we can be a part of. Once the collection runs out, she's on to creating the next one! Wait until you see what's coming out for Spring and Summer!

No. 8 Locally made with love!

Many people are starting to pay attention to where their everyday products are made and grown. You can feel happy knowing that by purchasing The Everyday Napkin, you’re supporting a local company and that the napkins are handmade by Kathryn and her mom here in Massachusetts.

No. 9 Make us stop and think twice about the environment

Not only will your trash can be happier with less paper napkins and paper towels but the simple design and construction of The Everyday Napkin allows Kathryn and her mom to use found fabrics rather than creating new materials that require additional resources and energy. As a sewer, I’m also impressed that they include the selvedge into the napkins and make it look beautiful! Less waste = happy Earth = feeling good that you did something to help.

No. 10 They can be used in so many ways!

I’m at an age where every season is wedding season and although I love the idea of wedding favors, it always seems like an additional expense to the bride and groom that guests don’t usually use or keep. Imagine incorporating The Everyday Napkin as part of your table linens and then having them double as your wedding favor for your guest. That’s a memorable favor I can get behind and wouldn't mind receiving! And I happen to know a couple who may be doing just that pretty shortly!

I look forward to sharing more with you all soon, and in the mean time, head over to our shop and check our latest collections



Maura's photo by Amanada J Photography


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We had such a wonderful time at the BCAE's 2nd annual Local Love market this past Sunday! We trekked in the snow for our first official The Everyday Napkin pop-up and it was so worth it. Despite the crazy winter weather, we all agreed it was a huge success for us! Not only did we have a great turnout, but we learned a lot and got to meet some really awesome people. I can't thank everyone enough for coming out in the cold to check out our napkins and support us! And thank you to Kim and Andrew at the BCAE who made it all possible! THANK YOU!

And while we noshed on a couple of out-of-this-world donuts by Blackbird Donuts (congrats Rebecca & Stephen Gullo!), we met some other local artisans like ScoopiesPure7 Chocolate, and Extras by Alaina! And it's awesome to be surrounded by the support of Pop & CircumstancePosh & PrepNiche and Kitchen Millie! The energy and vibes were contagious.

Although I've created a few products before, none of them were mine to sell and potentially, the start of something special. But I had the idea, grabbed my mom, and together we ran with it. We condensed the process into only two and a half months . . . materials . . . samples . . . logo . . . packaging . . . and the rest (things like branding and design) I did with my eyes shut—almost! When I heard Local Love was happening again, I knew that participating would be an invaluable experience for us at this early early stage. There is nothing like putting your heart & soul out on the table with the anticipation of knowing you're going to gain feedback and learnings. Will people like these as much as we do? . . . Will they understand it enough to invest in it? . . . Will they believe in it enough to share it? . . . Will they have fun with it and appreciate it for what it is?

Sure enough, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Initial sales were more than I could have expected. You loved our linen and chambray styles and the napkin bar allowed you to create your own set. Our aqua edge was the fan favorite. You asked about how they would wash and were ok with their unique qualities. You liked to feel our product, hold it and see it in person. You understood why we should use cloth every day instead of paper. You listened, shared, took it home and had fun. Thank you, thank you.

Once we closed up shop for the day, even before we could all get home, the Instagram feed was flooding with love from all of you! Your styling is so thoughtful and sweet! Thank you for sharing your creativity and supporting The Everyday Napkin! Here are all of the great Instagram photos since our debut . . . 

This is just the beginning . . .


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It's been freezing here in Boston but the heat is on as Jake and I have only 5 months to go before our wedding in Newport . . . I'm feeling a slight panic but I'm thinking warm, sunny, blue-sky thoughts!

Last month, at our 6-month mark, Jake and I started to feel overwhelmed with having taken on all of the wedding planning ourselves. And let me take a moment to say, I am so grateful my fiancé is so involved and helpful through all of this! From day one, he rolled up his sleeves and has been an equal part in all the planning. So last weekend over dinner with my parents, we started to share some things we thought they could help with.

[Note: If you're taking it all on like I am, I would highly recommend doing this if you can. Delegate to those who are going to provide the most help, communicate on an on-going basis and select only a few. Managing everyone helping you is another task so keep it close.] 

Of course we want our parents to feel like guests and have an amazing time at our wedding, but we also want to feel like they are an integral part of the planning process and the actual wedding day. And for me that means that they know exactly what's going on . . . who is suppose to be where . . . what should happen when . . . and all the details in between. We didn't want our parents to just show up. I think that most of the bride's stress comes from her being the gate keeper of every detail of the wedding throughout the planning process and especially on the day of. Most of all, I believe that planning a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime process that should be shared, celebrated and enjoyed between us and our parents. It deserves time, attention and lots of love!

When we got home from dinner with my parents, Jake and I tacked up a giant Post-it on our wall and started making lists under three columns. One for us, another for my parents and the last for his. We kept the big ticket items while delegating responsibilities based on what we thought our parents would enjoy helping us with and what made the most sense.



Finalize Menu
Schedule Tasting
Secure Desserts
Hair & Makeup
Menu Cards
Table Cards
Song List to Band

Shot List & Story to Photographer
Jake to email all the guys about attire

Order bridesmaids dresses
My Accessories
Seating Chart

. . . just to name a few!

Betty & Kent

Dress Fittings
My Chinese Dress
Organize Tea Ceremony
Chinese Silk Cloth
Father/Daughter Dance Song
Father/Parents-of-the-bride Speech
Cake Stands
Getting Grandma to the wedding
Tutus for Flowergirls
Table Runners
Everyday Napkins ;)
Family Shot List

Stephen & Andrea

Rehearsal Dinner
Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
Father-of-the-Groom Speech
Mother/Son Dance Song
Source Desserts
Transportation Options
Help with my "guest book" idea
Together, gathering goodies for our out-of-town guests
Power Room Amenities
Family Shot List

This is just the start but I hope by sharing will encourage you to ask for help and remember that you're suppose to be able to count on your family and friends. I needed a good reminder of this myself.

Stay tuned for my monthly check list of wedding to-dos as we get closer and closer to our big day!

Soon-to-be Mrs.,

Kathryn Yee!



The Everyday Napkin at Meet The Makers Night

Join us at at Neatly Nested's Meet The Makers this Thursday!

We hope you come out and play after this blizzard is through! We'll be ready to get out and tell you all about our first product at Neatly Nested this Thursday from 6 to 8pm! Come say hello, check out The Everyday Napkin, and other Boston makers! 

And if you can't make it, Neatly Nested is stocked with our Launch Collection in Citron. We'll also be at BCAE's Local Love on Sunday, February 8th from 10am to 2pm!





A Mini Photoshoot

Happy Monday!

Tucked away in Fort Point just as the storm started to quietly creep into Boston today, Maura and I styled four mini vignettes starring The Everyday Napkin! They looked so great as Nicole Bass (studio mate, friend and photographer) captured their beautiful color and handmade qualities. Thank you, Nicole! 

And a special shout out to Barrington Coffee Roasting Company for letting us feature their latte art! Stay tuned for our new photos to pop-up!