It's been freezing here in Boston but the heat is on as Jake and I have only 5 months to go before our wedding in Newport . . . I'm feeling a slight panic but I'm thinking warm, sunny, blue-sky thoughts!

Last month, at our 6-month mark, Jake and I started to feel overwhelmed with having taken on all of the wedding planning ourselves. And let me take a moment to say, I am so grateful my fiancé is so involved and helpful through all of this! From day one, he rolled up his sleeves and has been an equal part in all the planning. So last weekend over dinner with my parents, we started to share some things we thought they could help with.

[Note: If you're taking it all on like I am, I would highly recommend doing this if you can. Delegate to those who are going to provide the most help, communicate on an on-going basis and select only a few. Managing everyone helping you is another task so keep it close.] 

Of course we want our parents to feel like guests and have an amazing time at our wedding, but we also want to feel like they are an integral part of the planning process and the actual wedding day. And for me that means that they know exactly what's going on . . . who is suppose to be where . . . what should happen when . . . and all the details in between. We didn't want our parents to just show up. I think that most of the bride's stress comes from her being the gate keeper of every detail of the wedding throughout the planning process and especially on the day of. Most of all, I believe that planning a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime process that should be shared, celebrated and enjoyed between us and our parents. It deserves time, attention and lots of love!

When we got home from dinner with my parents, Jake and I tacked up a giant Post-it on our wall and started making lists under three columns. One for us, another for my parents and the last for his. We kept the big ticket items while delegating responsibilities based on what we thought our parents would enjoy helping us with and what made the most sense.



Finalize Menu
Schedule Tasting
Secure Desserts
Hair & Makeup
Menu Cards
Table Cards
Song List to Band

Shot List & Story to Photographer
Jake to email all the guys about attire

Order bridesmaids dresses
My Accessories
Seating Chart

. . . just to name a few!

Betty & Kent

Dress Fittings
My Chinese Dress
Organize Tea Ceremony
Chinese Silk Cloth
Father/Daughter Dance Song
Father/Parents-of-the-bride Speech
Cake Stands
Getting Grandma to the wedding
Tutus for Flowergirls
Table Runners
Everyday Napkins ;)
Family Shot List

Stephen & Andrea

Rehearsal Dinner
Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
Father-of-the-Groom Speech
Mother/Son Dance Song
Source Desserts
Transportation Options
Help with my "guest book" idea
Together, gathering goodies for our out-of-town guests
Power Room Amenities
Family Shot List

This is just the start but I hope by sharing will encourage you to ask for help and remember that you're suppose to be able to count on your family and friends. I needed a good reminder of this myself.

Stay tuned for my monthly check list of wedding to-dos as we get closer and closer to our big day!

Soon-to-be Mrs.,

Kathryn Yee!