I was so inspired by Paper & Stitch's Ombre & Clock Block decorated donuts that I thought I would give it a try yesterday for our Design Salon Boston Mash Up!

All in all, it was so fun and easy! I bought 3 dozen white powered Doughboy Donuts (don't judge this book by it's cover); they are the best, old-fashion style, real donuts in Boston and Wilton's Food Color Mist at Michael's in Pink & Purple. I followed Brittni's simple instructions and tips and they came out perfectly! I promise . . . Ok, I know! Let's call them tie die donuts . . . and not so much color block but see my notes below! Only I knew the difference and everyone loved them! By the end of the event, women were swiping them to-go so they could be enjoyed in the privacy of their own home, or car if they couldn't get it home quick enough!


A couple things I would note!

No. 1 Cover your area with larger sheets of kraft paper. The Wilton's Food Color Mist does become a little oily.

No. 2 Line up your donuts and do a bunch at a time or as many as your paper shield / blocker will cover.

No. 3 The spray doesn't apply evenly at first. It takes a few times to get a steady flow of the wrist and push of the nozzle. Keep your distance from the donut when spraying for a softer more event coat.

No. 4 If you are traveling with them after decorating, place a piece of parchment paper between each completed donut! Unfortunately we didn't have this and had to tightly pack all the donuts back in their original boxes. So when it came to showtime they didn't look like perfection.

I also used normal size donuts and Brittni's looks mini which might be smoother and easier to spray!

If you try this or have tips, please share!