Hello March 4th!

We only have 4 months / 122 days until our wedding! I cannot believe how quickly time is going by. We were feeling pretty good through months 8, 7, and 6 but the wedding to-dos are catching up to us! It's been especially challenging with the launch of The Everyday Napkin (as if Bash wasn't enough!) but now it's time to kick the wedding into high gear.

In progress:
1. Florals are in what I like to call, creative development
2. Rentals & Decor
3. Menu

Highest priority: 
1. Invitations [start designing!]

A couple big items have been checked off the list. 1. Bridesmaids dresses are ordered! And 2. the guest list is finalized. This was by far, the hardest thing for Jake and I. Harder than picking a venue, picking my dress, or picking our photographer—selecting who you can't invite.

We chose to get married on the East coast so we could include as many people as possible and give everyone the opportunity to be a part of one of the most important days of your lives. Unfortunately our budget is not limitless and we have to be realistic about how many people we could have. I wish I could have 232—the exact number of people we started off with. 145 is the number we can have. You don't have to do the math to see that this was not easy.

How do you put a value on friendship and what's the difference between a best friend, a close friend, a good friend, an old friend, a new friend? It was not easy and we struggled because to us, no friend is worth cutting from our wedding. We have special relationships, memories and plans with all of them. We had some tough decision to make but I'm sure once I get through the next couple of months, I may have some advice . . . 

For now, a deep breath . . .