Modernizing a Holiday Tradition with The Everyday Napkin

My mom’s side of my family is about as Irish as you can get. She grew up in Southie and Dorchester and was at one point Massachusetts’ Irish Step Dancing State Champion. We never ate corned beef and cabbage (ever, much less on St. Patrick’s Day) but we did have store-bought Irish bread (sorry for throwing you under the bus, Mum!). I’m an adventurous cook and baker and several years ago I decided to make Irish bread from scratch! I’m a daily reader of The Kitchn so I found this great recipe for Irish soda bread. It’s fun, easy to make, and is a delicious breakfast treat to celebrate the holiday. Below you can check out how mine came out this year and how much more fun it was to enjoy it with The Everyday Napkin!


Side notes on the recipe: I couldn’t seem to get my hands on a 2.5” cake pan so I used one that was about 2” deep. You’ll end up having more batter than you need so make sure you don’t over-fill the cake pan. I left about a half to quarter inch of room at the top. With regards to making a cross in the batter, I haven’t seemed to figure out the trick quite yet. I’ve even tried doing it after it’s been baking for a bit but it still hasn’t come out. If someone out there is able to make it happen, please share your secret! As a last note, everyone’s oven is different and I found that even after baking the bread 45 minutes at 375°, it still needed to bake for at least 7 more minutes. I’d love to hear other people’s versions of this recipe or stories of trying it!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!