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The Everyday Napkin!

Happy Weekend!

I woke up to a peaceful street covered in white and the fluffiest snow flakes falling from the sky. It's a beautiful snowy day here in Boston (finally!) making it the perfect day for sharing the latest on Bash Studio.

I know it's been a while since I've updated you on what has been going on here behind the scenes. I'm sorry! Our fall was busier than expected and before I knew it, I was in the hustle of the holidays. My brothers, sister-in-laws and niece were with us for an extended stay and I took that time to be with my family and play with Geneva; it's not often we are all together under one roof! At 15 months, baby G is super smart and loves to figure out how things work, like buckles, clips and buttons. After a trip to the Boston Children's Museum, she was on my lap at our new studio working the mouse at my computer! But with a curious baby comes tough bedtimes and Jake and I got to witness how little sleep her parents get! The highlight—giving baby G her first hair cut Suri Cruz style!

I also went into the new year with 6 bridesmaids! We're now less than 6 months away! More to come on the wedding . . . 

[Now grab a mug of hot chocolate]

A New Home for Bash
We moved into our very first studio in Fort Point!!! We share about 400 sq. ft. with two other Boston creatives Nicole Baas and Jessica Klein! I can't begin to explain how life changing it has been to separate life and business. Oficio was great for the first 20 months but having a permanent place for Bash to call home is invaluable. No more shlepping the business to Newbury Street and back. I got to reclaim our home and that means loving every inch of our adorable 410 sq. ft. condo again. Work doesn't stare at me when Jake and I are having dinner and laundry isn't cursing at me when I'm on deadline. I'm still working on Bash 24/7 but being able to go to my studio, meet clients, and then at the end of the day, shut off the lights, lock the door behind me and come HOME has helped me put a little more balance, patience and love back into my life. And all the breaks in between home and studio allow me to breathe a little deeper. I definitely recommend taking baby steps starting with a shared office and then finding your own space when it feels like the right time for you. Your personal life and your business will thank you . . .

Big News!
As if growing Bash and planning my own wedding wasn't enough, we kicked off 2015 working on our first product! We are very much in the beginning phases of developing the product, testing it with consumers, packaging it, and creating all the beautiful things that go along with starting a brand, but we couldn't go another day without telling you about The Everyday Napkin!

The Everyday Napkin is a stylish, simple, reusable napkin for every day and every occasion!


I first discovered an interest in product development when I was at Korn Design. We worked with luxury hotels to create custom in-room product and holiday gifts for their VIP guests and socialites. Starting at the end of each summer, we brainstormed the latest in trends to prep for the months ahead. From design to manufacturing to packaging, we made engraved whiskey glasses, dopp kits, fabric presentation folders, and candle sets, just to name my favorites! We researched and chose the best materials, finishes, and scents for the brand and worked with box makers and printers to create beautiful packaging. Being able to combine my background in branding and package design with product development is so exciting.

The Everyday Napkin was born out of a Bash event! Last spring, I collaborated with Neatly Nested to help them throw a fun Summer shopping event. Since Danielle's business is built around her love for home decor and custom reupholstering, I wanted to make the napkins for the event out of fabric. It was a way to achieve the look I wanted while creating something more high touch. Once the event was over, I brought them home, washed them, and found that they were the perfect fit our everyday routine.

I’ve always enjoyed using traditional cloth napkins but here's what I've found:

• The size of a traditional lap napkin feels too traditional and formal for every day use.
• They tend to only get used at special or formal occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas and the occasional dinner party.
• I associate the number of cloth napkins I am buying with the number of people I may have around my table vs. for my own personal use.
• They get stored when I'm not using them but they take up a lot of storage space. Especially living in the city, we have very limited draws and cabinets in our compact kitchen.
• What I do love about cloth napkins is that they are softer on hands and face than paper napkins and they are reusable.

Our black, white and citron Launch Collection

Our black, white and citron Launch Collection

The Everyday Napkin draws from what we love about cloth napkins (not paper) but give us the opportunity to use them more often: 

• They are less wasteful than paper napkins. I don't feel like I am filling my trashcan with excess waste. They make me stop and think about how I use paper napkins and paper towels. 
• I love leaving them out on my counter in place of paper napkins because they are fresh and fun
• Because of their size and simple construction, they are great for any meal and any occasion—not to mention, great for on-the-go and they don't take up a lot of space.
• Each set is cut from found designer textiles (we like that we are repurposing) and are a part of a limited collection. We also use every part of the material including raw edges.
•  I can mix and match all the styles to fit my decor
• They are easy to wash and get better with each use.
• The Everyday Napkin is hand-made in Massachusetts by my mother and me. And their unique qualities make them a one-of-a-kind product.

What You Can Look Out For
Our Launch Collection (shown in these photos!) sells at Neatly Nested in South Boston! Our shop will be live in the next couple of weeks! And our first two events are listed below!

Neatly Nested Design & Decor
Meet the Makers
Thursday, January 29th

Local Love
Sunday, February 8th

As the business, brand and product develop, we look forward to sharing more about our process and journey! Your feedback and support will be so valuable to us during these beginning stages. We couldn't be more excited!

If you are interested in learning more or want to carry The Everyday Napkin, please contact me directly. We'd love to hear from you.

Lauren Sayor of A Fabulous Fete

Lauren Sayor of A Fabulous Fete

About Our Identity 
Our identity was created by the very talented and lovely Lauren Saylor of 
A Fabulous Fete—she is fabulous! Located in Mission Viejo, California, her style, aesthetic and passion reached me miles away. I've admired her work since I laid eyes on her blog so much so that I knew one day I would work with her. Lauren and I have done a smaller client project together but this one is special. I can't thank her enough for her creative sensibility and talent. Together, we came up with this combination of her lowercase print and signature script. I'm in love with it and I think it fits everything we hope to be . . . casual, fun, friendly, stylish, and simple.



More to come . . .

Love & Gratitude,


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Jake and I are thrilled that over the weekend we booked our photographer! Meet Jacob and Annie from Brumley & Wells hailing from Durango, Colorado!

I never thought I'd ever work with a photographer 2,222 miles away but after exchanging a few emails, a couple early morning Skype sessions, and meeting his pet dove (how cool is that?!) we feel totally confident that Jacob and Annie will capture our wedding and leave us with new memories of our day.

It's hard not to fall in love with is work. And many of the other photographers we loved (and still do!) are amazing too. What helped us make our decision was his enthusiasm and passion for his trade—something Jake and I relate to well. Just from our short time of getting to know one another, we can tell Jacob is willing, inspired and kind. We can't wait to meet his wife!

Here are some of our favorite shots from his portfolio.

Thank you Jacob.

Feel grateful & inspired,




A Guide to a Winter Mantel

3-PART SERIES: Winter Mantel Styling Guide & Tips
with Boston Photographer by Li Ward

South End wedding and pet story-teller/photographer, neighbor and better yet, friend Li Ward wanted to spruce up her mantel without over decorating it with Christmas attire. She approached me looking for ideas on how-to create easy looks that could transform her 19th-century marble fireplace into a beautiful centerpiece—lasting longer than the holidays. And instead of seeing her gorgeous golden yellow peacock wallpaper from Anthropology as a challenge, we embraced it!

Together, Li and I brainstormed pieces that blended winter nostalgia with items she had around the house or ones we could pick up in the neighborhood. With many of my projects, I like to bring in an element of unexpectedness or pieces that you would normally find in your bedroom, powder room or kitchen. Repurposing these items are an easy way to create a new look or space. We took this idea and created three winter mantel-scapes that Li could replicate starting now and give her completely different looks throughout the season!

Check out our first mantel and stay tuned for the next two!


No. 1 "Charles" Brown


Charlie is all grown up! Our interpretation of A Charlie Brown Christmas turned Charlie into a man. We're smitten over his classic West Elm enamel mug, linen-covered books (one tented for friend, Snoopy), his iconic Charlie Brown Christmas tree with the single red ornament adorning the moose's head instead, a vintage ice skate for all twirls and turns the Peanut characters made around that famous pond, and of course, cozy warm wool throws for Linus!


Here are some things to think about when you're designing this mantel:

For Charles Brown, we create four equally sized focal points:
1. Papier-Mâché Moose Head
2. Stack of books & enamel mug
3. Christmas Tree
4. Basket of wool blankets & skate

Color & Texture
Gather items that will create a cohesive color palette. In Charles Brown we used white & cream, shades of dark green and pops of red.
Don't be afraid to play with a mix of materials and surfaces. Live (tree) with metal (basket), worn (skate) with new (blankets) , and home-made (books) with machine-made (mug).


This arrangement works so well because of the even distribution of the focal points. Although they are weighted differently, their placement is key to this mantel feeling balanced . . . 

Balance: Scale & Weight
In this mantel, the groupings are relatively similar in scale. Although the tree measures larger than groupings 1 and 2, because of it's style and cut, it doesn't overpower the other elements. And the linen books visually carry their own weight. The same goes for the moose head, because it's white papier mâché, it allows for the mantel to be anchored nicely by the firewood, blankets and skate. If we swopped the blankets and the books (for instance!) the top of the mantel would feel too heavy while the books would get lost below. 


You can also create balance with color. The red mug (although small) is a key element. Because of it's shiny surface and bright color, it balances the size and weight of the tree.  Make sure each color (especially colors that pop) are spread evenly. We didn't want to create any straight lines, so our red, white and green elements zig zag or stagger down the mantel. 

Papier-Mâché Moose HeadWest Elm
Red Ornament, You can find at any craft store or department store where they sell traditional ornaments
Linen-covered books, I bought old books from Salvation Army and covered them with a thin book cloth; you can also use canvas. 
Color Enamel Mug in Red, West Elm
Olivewood Coasters, West Elm
Charlie Brown Tree, local nursury
Red Flannel Throw, Li's collection
Green Faribault Wool Throw, Hudson
Teal Market Basket, Hudson
Vintage Ice Skate, Sowa Vintage Market
Firewood, Warren Hardware

Snoopy's house.

Snoopy's house.

Lights make it a bit more festive and fun!

Lights make it a bit more festive and fun!


Other ideas . . .

The mini Glass bird ornaments from Neatly Nested Design & Decor add a little sparkle to your Charlie Brown Christmas tree. And in our case, went nicely with Li's wallpaper.

The mini Glass bird ornaments from Neatly Nested Design & Decor add a little sparkle to your Charlie Brown Christmas tree. And in our case, went nicely with Li's wallpaper.

Black candles looked so chic against the black detail in the wallpaper. Gold and rose gold candles disappeared. The glass votives & candle holders are from West Elm, and the white silver-lined votive in the middle is from Hudson. Olivewood coasters is also from West Elm.

Black candles looked so chic against the black detail in the wallpaper. Gold and rose gold candles disappeared. The glass votives & candle holders are from West Elm, and the white silver-lined votive in the middle is from Hudson. Olivewood coasters is also from West Elm.

Tie a simple bow to your vintage pieces for that pop of velvety red. Owl ornament is from West Elm.

Tie a simple bow to your vintage pieces for that pop of velvety red. Owl ornament is from West Elm.

This Faribault blanket from West Elm is must. It's neutral with a stripe of color, cozy and can be styled like a log in the fireplace—especially if you have a non-working one!

This Faribault blanket from West Elm is must. It's neutral with a stripe of color, cozy and can be styled like a log in the fireplace—especially if you have a non-working one!



Big changes for Bash!

Change is tough but sometimes Change is perfect timing . . . Change is so good . . . and Change is just right. In 2013 I made one of the biggest leaps of faith. I left a cushy paycheck and work I loved to starting my own company. This past month, I made another big step. Bash has gone from home office to shared office space to our very own studio in Fort Point!

With support and encouragement, I can say goodbye to laundry, dishes, and household to-dos hovering over my shoulder, and schlepping my stuff to and from the shared office space on Newbury Street. Although Oficio was a great place for me to launch Bash, this next chapter has many amazing things on the horizon. Our own space means efficiency, adventure and growth. I feel so fortunate to have had such a wonderful first year and to kick off 2015 with a wonderful place for Bash to call home.

And I couldn't be more excited to share this space with Jessica Klein of Oh, I Design & With Love, Design and Nicole Baas Photography. Two wonderful ladies I've met this year with drive, passion and big dreams. We also are in good company with the incredible duo, Jill Rosenwald & Lawrence McRae.

Thank you for supporting Bash and continuing to follow our journey! Our door is always open to you and endless possibilities . . . 

x K



Tied up in Love with Orly Khon at Restoration Hardware

This rainy weather today is a drab but I'm getting excited when I think about gift wrapping at Orly Khon Floral's Holiday Shopping event this Thursday, December 11th, from 4 to 6pm! There is nothing like the smell of fresh fir . . . long-needled pine . . . silver-blue juniper . . . warm cedar . . . spruce and boxwood . . . And some gorgeous ribbon and packaging details to sweeten every purchase!


Stop by and visit us at Restoration Hardware, meet Orly and her -beyond- talented designers behind all of their incredible creations.

Shop the most gorgeous garlands, wreaths, succulent terrariums and arrangements for your home or workspace. They make the sweetest hostess gifts and holiday presents too! Enjoy a special Holiday discount, a giveaway contest, and custom holiday gift wrapping for all of your gifts—even if it's for you! Head over to Orly Khon's instagram for details or contact her team for Holiday Menu items and to place orders!

And if you haven't been to RH at The Gallery at the Historic Museum of Natural History, it's a magical jewel box . . . especially this time of year! 234 Boylston Street, Boston.

Tis' the season! Give green!






West Elm Friendsgiving Holiday Brunch



Earlier this month I collaborated with an amazing group of ladies to host West Elm's How-To "Drink + Clink" entertaining event! From florals to favors; place cards to painted details; and cider cocktails to cinnamon popcorn, we had a blast sharing our many ideas for entertaining around the holidays! The talented line-up: Sweet Annie Floral, Shindig CateringLindsey Ocker Photography and Chelsea Petaja of Oh My Deer Handmades (LA). . . Thank you!

And I am especially grateful to West Elm for inviting us to share our ideas, passion and talents. West Elm Fenway has been a huge supporter of Bash and I can't thank them enough. Of course, they also outfitted this event with their beautiful and festive tabletop goods! You can find them all at West Elm. We especially loved featuring their Dapper Animal PlatesGold Flatware, and Center Stripe Woven Runner . . . and so much more . . . 


My initial thought when West Elm asked me to host a holiday event around entertaining was that the holidays are first and foremost about gathering with friends and family—often around a table sharing stories and fond memories. But that also means a turkey and all it's fixings (which we love!); however a weekend brunch is another great way to get together with friends before the holiday madness! So we hosted a Friendsgiving Brunch with a range of tabletop ideas for any type of holiday gathering, really! And you certainly don't have to do them all, but we hope you find something you'll love!

I always start brainstorming each event by making a mood board that captures the look and feel that I want to create. This process helps me gather my ideas and pull together a strong palette of colors and textures. This event was going to be around warmth, a mix of metallics, golden pears, shades of berry, mustard yellow and olives branches. 


Shave cinnamon sicks in your cider or use them as a garnish!

Shave cinnamon sicks in your cider or use them as a garnish!

We picked up local fruits at the Copley Square Farmers Market and spray painted the bottom halves gold.

We picked up local fruits at the Copley Square Farmers Market and spray painted the bottom halves gold.

This simple olive branch and mixed greenery runner is simple, easy to do, and adds life to any table.

This simple olive branch and mixed greenery runner is simple, easy to do, and adds life to any table.

Snacks are always more fun in treat bags and food-safe packaging!

Snacks are always more fun in treat bags and food-safe packaging!


Don't feel like you have to make everything. . . or anything! We got our hands on our favorites which saved us a lot of time and were enjoyed just as much! Cook's Farm Orchard pies are the very best and can be bought at Copley Square Farmers Market. These Old-fashioned style donut holes from Doughboy Donuts are made around the clock and open 24/7. A South Boston staple and the BEST classic donuts in town. So good we kept them in their box! A perfect fit for our table . . .


Thanksgiving Place Cards
Our place cards, created with Chelsea Petaja, give guests the opportunity to reflect on what they are most grateful for. Have your guests share their gratitude or keep as a "note to self". We all need to remind ourselves sometimes :)

Scroll down to find out how you can download this artwork! 

I also like to use a piece of fresh fruit or something natural. In this case we found mini dark red corn husks that we placed at each place setting. They were festive, a little quarky, and the perfect size!

These words are available to  download !

These words are available to download!

Treat bags and Thankful place cards featuring hand-letting from Chelsea Petaja.

Treat bags and Thankful place cards featuring hand-letting from Chelsea Petaja.

If you have a rear load printer, you can print on treat bags! We used kraft bags from PaperSource!

If you have a rear load printer, you can print on treat bags! We used kraft bags from PaperSource!

Chelsea Petaja Hand-Lettering
I've always been a huge fan of Chelsea's work and so excited to work with her even though we were miles apart! She created a beautiful set of hand-lettered words and phrases that you can download on our blog and use on treat bags, menus, place mats, favors, tags . . . the possibilities are endless!

Share all your creative ways, via hashtag (#bashstudio) and tag us @bash_studio and @chelseapetaja on Instagram!


Comfort & Style
I like to drape throws on the backs of chairs and place pillows on the end chairs to bring comfort and warmth to the table. They are a great way to add to enhance your color palette. Guests will love curling up during the winter holidays!


Prosecco Cider Cocktail
So easy! Top off apple cider with your favorite prosecco, a sprig rosemary for garnish and enjoy!


Sweet Favors with a Homemade Touch
Mini Weck jars are perfect for your favorite jam or honey and giving them out as favors anytime of the year! We chose cranberry chutney and orange marmalade for our Friendsgiving!

Or wrap some homemade (or not!) baked goods to-go using wax paper and your favorite ribbon or string. This wrapped cotton twine in lemon is from my favorite local ribbon supplier and designer, Angela Liguori Studio Carta.



Arrangement Floral Ingredients
Peonies, Juliet Garden Rose, Protea, Amaryllis, Dusty Miller, Ivy Bush, Zebra Grass

Garland Ingredients
Olive Branch, Acacia Denisbode, 

. . . and Rosemary as an accent!



Bethany, owner of Shindig Catering baked up some delicious goodies for our Friendsgiving Brunch. The best part is that they were easy and in individual serving sizes for our guests!

Cinnamon & Sugar Popcorn . . . bagged in our treat bags!

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars with a Harvest cream cheese frosting! See below for her recipe!

Bethany used Trader Joe's pumpkin bread mix to make it easy! Instead of chocolate chips you can also add pomegranate seeds. And if you can't have a brunch without pancakes, try Trader Joe's pumpkin pancake mix! They are so good!

Bethany also put together petite granola jars with pomegranate seeds and lo-fat greek yogurt in the most adorable Weck jars. 



Shindig's Harvest Cream Cheese Frosting

8 oz. whipped cream cheese
3 oz. pumpkin puree
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon confectionary sugar

Whip together in a bowl until well mixed and chill for at least one hour.
Serve at room temperature and enjoy!


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A Bash giveway for the holidays!



perfect for a holiday bash or weekend brunch
(donuts in hand!)


The darling Laura Saur of LoSo Fancy and I were long overdue for catching up. We met thru jewelry maker and owner of Brass & Knuckles, Erica Kirkwood, this summer. And shamefully, neither of us had made our way to Sommerville's saught-after Union Square Donuts. Perfect. Done. Let's meet there! 

I had got my hands on this amazing silver & gold Fab Fleck Hex clutch from Charming Charlie for two styled photoshoots and to no surprise, it stole the spotlight in every photo it was in. Well now it's the perfect time to share the love and give it to one lucky lady! Perfect for the holidays (now right around the corner) or perhaps a brunch date!

So I called up Laura the morning of our date and said, "call me crazy but I have this [crazy] idea!" In the spirit of no bad ideas, the Fab Fleck Hex clutch makes its final appearance among the most decadent box of Union Square Donuts for your chance to win the golden donut . . . clutch!

It's a pretty tough call, but 1 bacon-topped, lemon-iced, coconut-sprinkled, Boston creme, cider donut later . . . We think the Fab Fleck Hex clutch wins again!

(which would you pick?)



1 // Enter the Rafflecopter below!

2 // Comment on this blog post with how you would sport this fab clutch!

(when, where, how, tell us!)

3 // Head over to Instagram, and follow @bash_studio and @losofancy

4// Tag a friend!




One entry per person. Participants must be 18 or older and a U.S. Resident to play.

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We're at WeWork tonight!


I'm pretty excited for tonight's Ladies Lounge at WeWork's Dugout! We have a bunch of surprises up our sleeves in addition to sharing everything I can to help and inspire women entrepreneurs! Celebrations, event design and branding—how do they all tie in? Come to find out!

The response has been overwhelming (thank you!) so the first 75 ladies to arrive will get a little sumthin' sumthin' from Bash and a chance to win a one-on-one Power Hour session with me!

Registration is free, so sign up! See you at 6pm at their Fort Point location, 51 Melcher Street! 

Thank you General Assembly for inviting me!

Photo by Zac Wolf!

Photo by Zac Wolf!

Photo by Zac Wolf!

Photo by Zac Wolf!

And this will be champagne tonight, not coffee!


x K



Placesetting like a pro!



1     Charger / Serving Plate

2     Dinner Plate

3     Salad Plate 

4     Entrée Fork (closest to plate on left)

5     Salad Fork 

6     Dinner Knife (closest to plate on right)

7     Salad Knife

8     Soup Spoon or Dinner Spoon 

9    Butter Plate & Knife blade down

10     Dessert Spoon & Fork  

11     Water Glass (directly above the knives) 

12     Red Wine Glass

13     White Wine Glass    

14     Champagne Flute or Sherry Glass

15     Coffee Cup & Saucer (for dessert)

Napkins are placed between the Charger (1) and the Dinner Plate (2) or between the Dinner Plate and the Salad Plate (3) if you aren’t using a Charger.

The order of the forks is determined by the presentation of the courses. The first course starts with the fork to the far left, the second course uses the middle fork, and the main course uses the Entrée Fork (4) closest to the plate. 

A Dinner Spoon can be placed to the left of or in place of the Soup Spoon (8). 

An Oyster Fork can be placed to the right of the Soup or Dinner Spoon.

Placing your silverware diagonally across your plate (handles at 4:20) signals to the host or server that you are satisfied and have completed the course.

. . . Keep this in your back pocket!





Oh! We reached 1K!

THANK YOU x 1000!

I started my journey with this in mind, "small victories lead you to your ultimate goal". The famous words of Jake.

936 . . . 978 . . . 996 . . .  Then today I woke up like it was Christmas morning . . . 1,000 followers on Instagram! A nice little victory for Bash!

I think Instagram has become a visual diary allowing you to share your perspective to the entire world through the lens of your iphone. Not knowing who will like or be inspired by what I do, I try to post with authenticity and from my heart. And if I'm lucky, my snap shots are inspiring to those who are looking in. But like an open book, Instagram also makes you open to judgement. It easy to compare your photos and story with others. I just try to remind myself, I would never compare the pages of my diary with anyone else's so why should I do the same with Instagram? 

It's about creative minds, dreamers and believers that inspire one another. Thank you to all of those who make space in their crowded feed to follow my journey. 

x K



Artists for Humanity Boston Wedding


Eek! I am so excited to share our late summer wedding at Artists for Humanity—romantic, gorgeous and magical. Ashley Stelzer captured Ali & Ryan's love story and our design elements so well . . . Head over to projects to see the full story. I had a hard time posting my favorites!!

P.S. Ali & Ryan are our dear friends so it was that much more special. xo.



Bash will be at Ladies Lounge!


Please join Sara Steele-Rogers, the Sr. Marketing Manager behind Eventbrite Boston, and I at the next General Assembly Ladies Lounge Wednesday, November 19th at WeWork!

When General Assembly reached out asking me to speak at the fourth Ladies Lounge, I knew I wanted to be a part of the series no matter what the topic. Even though Bash is officially only 1 (yay!), if my journey of how I got to where I am inspires ladies to chase their passions, I will gladly share as much as I've got! And some tips on how to be a great host (and guest!) this holiday season is just the icing!

I am excited to answer anything from about how I got started, to what I've learned this first year in business, to some secrets on concepting, styling and making your celebrations a bit more memorable! Whether it's an event for your business or for a close group of friends and family, Sara and I have you covered!

See you at Ladies Lounge!

Click to attend!



West Elm x Bash featuring Chelsea Petaja

Happy November!

THANK YOU to everyone who came out Saturday morning (after a fun night of tricks and treats!) to join us for West Elm Fenway's How-To series! I am so grateful and I know my friends, Bethany of Shindig, Katie of Sweet Annie Floral Design, Lindsey of Lindsey Ocker Photography were all thankful as well. And a special thank you to Chris Thibeau, Patty Teixeira and Jessica Klein of West Elm for inviting me, supporting my big ideas, and welcoming all of us to be creative and share our talents. 

We celebrated good company, sweet & savory bites, and simple table decor ideas that we hope inspired you for the upcoming holiday season. There's nothing like sharing food, joy and love around a table with your closest family and friends.

And as the first snow fall of the season dusted the grounds yesterday, I'm reminded of just how close we are to making these special memories.

As a THANK YOU to those who attended our entertaining event and for those who follows us with love, you are welcome to download an exclusive set of hand-written words by Chelsea Petaja of Oh My Deer Handmades! Chelsea created this fall collection for us and our event, and we couldn't be more excited to collaborate! You may recognize her work on Instagram.

Here's a peak of how I incorporated her beautiful work into our table and the event . . . 

Photo by Lindseay Ocker Photography

Photo by Lindseay Ocker Photography

Photo by Lindseay Ocker Photography

Photo by Lindseay Ocker Photography

Place setting cards for each of your guests is a fun way to get your friends and family to think about what they are most thankful for. Go around the table and share!

Photo by Lindseay Ocker Photography

Photo by Lindseay Ocker Photography

Photo by Lindseay Ocker Photography

Photo by Lindseay Ocker Photography


Click image to download files.

Click image to download files.


If you have a a manual feed printer you can pick up Kraft bags for treats and 4 bar notes cards for the "I am thankful for . . . " place cards from PaperSource. You can use these words of gratitude in many ways this holiday . . . Invitations, menu cards, place cards, favors, tags, notecards, thank you cards . . . the possibilities are endless! Stay tuned for a menu template download!

For all your creative ways, hashtag (#bashstudio) your photos and tag us (@bash_studio) and Chelsea (@chelseapetaja) on Instagram!

Enjoy and have fun!

xo K



I'm at West Elm tomorrow!

Come out and get cozy with us!

I'm so excited to not only be in great company tomorrow at West Elm but to be collaborating with the most talented calligrapher, Chelsea Petaja of Oh My Deer Handmades, to create a custom set of hand-written words for this Fall! 

See you tomorrow to get your pass to download!